Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Private and Homeschool Funding

For parents out there who are seeking public school alternatives but feel it it is not financially possible, well as I (Michelle) like to say, there's always a solution to a so called problem.

 For those here in Maine, there actually is a private school fund for people who financially qualify.Here The Maine Children's Scholarship Fund's application page:  http://www.mecsf.org/index.php?area=application.This fund does not just provide scholarship money  for children to attend for traditional private schools. Homeschoolers are also eligible to receive finds.
Applicants do not have to really every year as  the scholarships are" renewable annually at the sole option of the MCSF".

The applications

A few years back, I wrote an article on school choice affordability for a national audience at The Dollar Stretcher. The link is here: http://www.stretcher.com/stories/05/05jun13g.cfm

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