Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Maine Dental Clinics

Is anyone looking for dental care that costs less than typical dental fees.
In Maine, there are several dental clinics that offer reduced fees.
I (Michelle) have gone to the Bangor University College Clinic for cleaning where dental hygienist students work under the supervision of supervisors. I received excellent dental cleaning  there.I live about 45 min. away but even factoring in the gas prices, its much cheaper for me to go there rather than go to a dentist here for a cleaning.
The appts. do take longer than traditional dentist cleaning visits. The students are required to do an extensive question and answer intake. The visits can be broken up into 2 visits instead of just one.
 Here is a Maine state directory of dental clinics.

Some dental clinics have income guidelines while others like the Bangor University College Clinic do not.

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