Thursday, October 21, 2010

HomeSchooling Supplies Program and Visitor Request

 Hi visitors,
We have a request for you all- to please throw a post in the comment section. Are you looking for info on a particular service? been helped by a program? Know of programs yet to be mentioned ect?
The moderators☺

Are there any homeschoolers or would be homeschoolers out there? In addition to The Maine Children's Scholarship Fund I (Michelle) posted on Oct. 12, there is also The Book Samaritan,a national program, that provides homeschooling materials for homeschooling families in financial need.


  1. Cool blog! I found you via GCM. I don't live anywhere near Maine, but if I did, I'd try out as many of your services as I could. ;)

  2. Thanks Camille!
    Some of the programs do apply nationally however, so I hope you keep checking out the site!