Friday, September 17, 2010

Ask Questions and Get a Hand with Building Projects

Hi. The comments feature is now enacted so that you can send a message our way. To do so, just click on Post a Comment just below the post text.
I f you are in need of a particular service but have not been able to find it, ask us. We will investigate. The thing is , many helpful  free to low cost  programs and services have very little advertisement.  The ones we know of,we will advertise for them!

Do you or others you know need some help with a home fix it project without a costly bill?  Well, there is a growing nationwide program called It is an online community where people sign up to help others and to receive some themselves all without money exchanging hands.  Services performed and received can include such projects as fixing a roof, to moving furniture or just to borrow project required tools.
Here is an NBC Nightly News video of this program.
 If any visitors get involved with giving and or helping in this program we'd love to hear   personal  experiences.

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