Sunday, September 19, 2010

Book Swapping Clubs

This post and its links are intended for book-lovers and scholars  and or book-lovers and scholars you know. Books and high costs do always have to go hand in hand. These type of clubs have book options for members of the whole family.
I, Michelle, have personally used paperbackswap with great results.  They have  CD and DVD sister sites.
It is a free club. Shipping costs only are incurred when the shipper sends out a book. Receivers pay no shipping costs. For those who don't have any books to swap,book credits can be bought for $3.45. That covers all hard and softcover books including textbooks!

I'll write more about other swapping sites I have found through my search on them.☺
Well, I'm back to post other online book swapping clubs. Please note, that I, Michelle, personally am only a member of paperback swap whom  I have received personal reading as well as text book from.
If anyone has any experience with any book swapping club, please tell us in the comments section right under this post.
Well, here's some online book swapping clubs that exist: (there's no credits involved- a certain amount of books must be sent in before trading can begin. Each trade in separate and can be conducted anytime.) (Books and videos are traded according to equal value)

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